Jewelry is a most personal and special expression of individuality. Transcending season or year or trend, there is an unquantifiable draw and mystery to these adornments. Their ability to be passed down through time, imbued with the memories of joy and life set them apart as a constant in this ever changing world.

This representation of Stone, Metal, and Soul- the emotions of a designer and bearer made solid has inspired me for the past 18 years to forge partnerships between the most talented artists, curated retailers, and discerning customers in the industry.

I'm excited to share my discoveries, may they resonate with you as they have for me.





Works of jewelry have always been made as trophy and tribute, part of our human celebration and re-invention of natural beauty. The jeweler’s art binds us across history to generations who fought and loved at the beginning of our world, and farther, to the earth itself and the stars. At TAP by Todd Pownell we remember that a simple adornment can mix the sensual clarity of moonlight with the hard splendor of our planet’s profound mineral veins. As artisans we perfect these elements and deliver them, home to the sweep and tenderness of the body, like treasure washed onto sand.

Lene Vibe


Lene Vibe believes that it’s not about the fashion of the moment, but, rather about wearing and buying what her clients believe they will love forever and, most importantly, what pieces will look good on them. She  handpicks all the  baroque South Sea, Keshi and Tahitian pearls as well as the antique cut natural colored diamonds, and precious stones she uses in her jewelry. Nothing is sketched first. Everything she creates takes place in her head and comes out through her hands.

Atelier Narcé


The jewelry in these collections has been hand-crafted based on impressions of ancient Near Eastern seals and in XVlll-XlX rendering of pieces of art of the classical antiquity. Inspiration is drawn from the pieces of art they depict themselves or from great works of literature. The influence of Marcel Proust's "In Search of Lost Time" is significant in the latest collection, The Gold of Memories. As in the book, we intent to convey the mystery, the puzzle and the wonder of our personal memories -remembered or forgotten- but still sleeping somewhere inside of us.

Our mission is to make jewelry that is modern and wearable and yet transcends time and civilization.





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American Grown Diamonds


Lab grown diamonds are physically, optically, and chemically indistinguishable from mined diamonds. They provide exceptional value and typically cost 30-40% less than mined stones of the same size, cut and quality. Our diamonds are cut the same way you would cut a mined diamond, on a diamond wheel. Once our diamonds are shaped and polished, every diamond passes through our highly trained inspectors to make sure every stone is cut the right way. After inspection we send our diamonds 0.30 carats and above to an independent American Accredited Gemological Institute for grading. This report process is done so our customers can feel safe knowing our product is graded by a third party. 

American Grown Diamonds are grown here in the USA and help support our economy. By knowing the origin of your diamond you can be proud to say where it came from. Our 100% conflict free diamonds are are also extremely eco-friendly compared to the mining process which takes one ton of earth to be removed to extract just one carat of a gem quality diamond.